Website Marketing For Local Businesses

Summer is in full swing and most HVAC businesses are busy with AC Repair, Heat Pump Service and Air Conditioning Maintenance contracts. With temperatures exceeding 80 degrees and many households facing HVAC service, every HVAC business owner should be marketing online and offline to drive HVAC leads and pick up HVAC advertising clients in this high season.

In the dead of summer, your local customers need you more than ever!

So for those of you HVAC business owners who need help marketing your business this summer online, here are 5 summer trends to build your lead list in 30 days or less.

  1. Fix Your Online Presence: Here’s a fact: Over 80% of shoppers begin their research online (Source). As such, you need three things to be right in order to market your business online. You need a solid responsive website that plays well with search engines (SEO). You need a website to attract the right customers. Copywriting will qualify your visitors and ensure that they are in the right place shopping for the right product. And finally you must make offers to them to take action. A solid website is the core to any online marketing strategy.
  2. Know Your Perfect Customer: If you are marketing your HVAC business you need to know who your ideal customer is. If you are a discount HVAC company you are probably marketing to small town customers on a budget. You probably aren’t going to market to millionaires and commercial developers, right?  However if your most profitable customers are big construction companies and general contractors then you should be networking and advertising in the publications they read and optimizing your website to attract this audience. Knowing the difference between marketing to 30-50 year old middle class homeowners and billion dollar commercial clients will determine where your marketing strategy goes.
  3. Create Offers: Once you have attracted the right audience with the right message and now have them hooked on your website, you need to make offers. An offer is a call to action that tells your website visitor what to do once they reach your website. For example, many HVAC marketers start by offering free HVAC quotations, Air Conditioning Quotations or heating system maintenance coupons.  Find an offer that your customer (Remember #2 above!) is most likely to find value in, and take advantage of, and put that offer on your website! Here are a few examples of offers you might see when you shop online, think of something similar and relevant to your business and make offers!HVAC Marketing Ideas
  4. Follow Up: The art of the follow up is where most HVAC marketers break down. If someone submits information to your website, call them! If a customer requests a quotation, pounce on it. Statistics show that the first vendor to call a customer during their search for services is most likely to win the customer. Get on it!
  5. Close Sales and Remember Your Past Customers: Now, if you are a $5 million company and above we can assume you have a good sales system in place and you know how to close a deal. Great, we need more people like you in the HVAC and home services world. Now, when it comes to following up with past clients, that’s where too many large and successful businesses fail to capitalize. What do we mean by this? Well for one, ask your marketing person about your email marketing strategy. Do you have one? Do you follow up with your past customers with a monthly newsletter, maintenance reminders, and offers and deals to keep their system healthy throughout the seasons? Your past happy customers are your best source of revenue – Get on it and don’t forget them.


HVAC lead generation and HVAC advertising can be boiled down into the three simple steps above with the 5 total steps to a HVAC sales strategy.  And to remind you of how #3 should work, call Riptide Results today for a free HVAC marketing consultation to learn how to drive more leads today.